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About Us

The All Gains name wears many hats. We sell apparel and accessories, we have a YouTube channel named All Gains Mindset, a monthly newsletter, and soon to be publishing a nutrition/diet plan. My name is Michael and I founded All Gains with the intention to help others and guide them to a happy and healthy lifestyle. I believe that nutrition is very important to sustaining a positive lifestyle and positive mindset. My nutrition and diet of choice is the ketogenic diet. This diet we explain in many videos on our YouTube channel. To make it easy to understand, I cut out carbs and sugars and replaced it with natural and healthy fats. Using fats as energy, it keeps me energized and alert. I do not get sugar crashes like people who do consume carbs and sugars. This diet keeps me in shape, keeps me focused and raises self-esteem. I feel so great, I want everyone to feel the way I do. We live in a world ruled by hate and sorrow. Self-esteem is seeing crashing lows, depression is on the rise and other mental disorders and appearing out of the wood work suppressing us. The other side of the coin, people are hating more and more. People feel more divided especially in the United States and it saddens me to see a country I was born in in such disarray. I have a belief that if everyone in the world chose this diet as their diet and the "normal" way of eating, people would not be so angry or depressed. I want this belief to become a reality and so with some help from friends we are continuously creating nutrition/fitness content on All Gains Mindset as well as produce motivational apparel in our store. One step at a time, everyone can make a difference. Just put a foot forward and begin.